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A Hollywood Model

Our model of using a Worldwide exchange to finance the production, distribution and marketing of movies is revolutionary. In addition, our software and hardware solutions are state of the art and provide solutions for our partners that are setting us ahead of the curve.

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Our Partners

We have forged alliances and relationships with some of the biggest players in the media industry. Our future ties in helping create a new network to allow our partners to continue to thrive, while building a network to solve the problems of today's consumers.

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Our Vision

Our main focus has been to attack the problems in the media world from three tiers. 1. To address the problem of content financing 2. To provide a economic distribution platform. 3. To be able to spread risk of projects to more parties so that more can be produced.

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Our Vision

Our future in media relies on three components working together. The ability to build a network that can distribute media to consumers efficiently and economically The ability to provide top quality content To be able to maintain these two, while working with the existing infrastructure.   We believe we have solutions that address all of […]

Our Companies

Modern Cinema Group Modern Cinema truly is a group.  The company has many different divisions to focus on its varied interests, the companies primary focus is to develop and maintain a worldwide distribution network for film and other media.  To this end we have partnered with industry giants to build a worldwide Media Exchange and […]

Informational Video Series

Video 1 – Explain the exchange Powerpoint presentation that goes from start to finish how a project is brought to the exchange and how the parts work together.  It is a generalized overview to give you an understanding on how the pieces all fit together. This Series will also cover all the other topics that […]

Current News

Modern Cinema Group Announces a Partnership With the Pride Group and Pride Holdings Modern Cinema Group Inc. Announces Patent Application Filed for Media Futures Exchange Modern Cinema Group Inc. Announces Patent Application Filed for New Movie Distribution Model Over Mobile Networks